Black Rock Beersmith addon

I'm in the process of developing a Beersmith addon for the Black Rock product range. This is a simple addon that you can install into Beersmith, which includes all the Black Rock products as ingredients. Makes it easy to build your own recipes using Black Rock cans as a base, particularly if you are adding grains for a partial mash brew.

Download - version 01 beta

This is currently in beta release and there may be some errors with the data. In particular, I'm not 100% confident that I've got the IBU bittering correct.

However I've been using this for my own brews and haven't had any bitter-bombs so I think the IBUs are in the ball park.


Once this addon is published, installation will be much easier. For now you need to manually copy the products into Beersmith.

  1. Download the addon, save to your hard drive
  2. Open Beersmith. From the menu, choose File -> Open File
  3. Select the .bsmx file you saved in step 1
  4. This will open a new tab in Beersmith.
  5. Select all the Black Rock products (CTRL-A on PC, Command A on Mac)
  6. Right click and select "copy"
  7. Browse to Ingredients -> Fermentables
  8. Ricght click and choose "Paste"
  9. All the Black Rock products should appear in the list. Try adding one to a recipe.